Every interaction with your customers affects their opinion of your company. 

Is it any surprise then that companies who prioritize customer service can achieve as much as a 60% higher profit margin than those who don’t? Offering personalized customer service helps your customers feel valued, which in turn makes them more likely to continue doing business with you. 

Here are some ways to personalize and improve your customer service.

  1. Use Peoples Names. Nothing is more personal than using someone’s name when doing business with them. When you use a customer’s name, they automatically feel valued and important, which increases their opinion of your business.
  2. Hand-Write Cards and Letters. It’s a good practice to send out birthday and holiday cards to your best customers as an acknowledgement of their importance to your company. Instead of sending a generic greeting, take the time to have staff sign the card by hand, include a note and print it on your Kyocera or EPSON device to showcase the quality!

“Elite sales performers send a thank you card after initial sales meetings to show appreciation, separate themselves from their competition and build trust early in the relationship. Think of the last time you received a handwritten card and how it made you feel.”

  1. Reward Feedback. Your business isn’t perfect – no one’s is. You should invite both positive and negative feedback from your customers and take their criticisms to heart. When a customer’s feedback leads to positive changes for your company, acknowledge them on social media, along with a thank you or a gift card.
  2. Do Business With Them. Do your customers have businesses that you can use for your company or personal needs? When you repay a customer by giving them business, it shows that you value their work as well, and leads to a stronger relationship.
  3. Offer Educational Opportunities. Look for opportunities to offer lectures, workshops, and demonstrations to interested clients. The more your clients understand your business, the more they will value your services.
  4. Recognize Customers. When a customer is a long-time or frequent customer, they are truly a part of what makes your business run. Recognize their contributions publicly by posting their picture on a bulletin board in your office, or on social media. A “customer of the month” promotion is a fun way to let your customers know you appreciate them.

Customer service is more than just greeting everyone with a smile. 

Clients see personal customer service as recognition of value, which makes them more likely to be repeat customers – even if you cost more than the competition.

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