ISI Rewards Program

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ISI Rewards is a new program that will be offered to all current Impression Solutions customers.

ISI Rewards is designed to reward our dealers and their sales reps for their efforts in selling the entire line of Kyocera printers and multi-function products.

Rewards are calculated and distributed each month.

It’s easy to get started and even easier to receive great incentives on popular products and promotions!

ISI Rewards Program FAQs

Do I have to be an approved ISI Dealer?

Yes, the rewards program is exclusively for ISI Dealers.

Once I sign up, how long does it take to be approved?

It takes 24 hours to be approved for this popular program, upon which you will receive an email letting you know that you’ve been approved.

When will my rewards be available for claiming?

All rewards will be updated with he previous weeks rewards the following Monday by noon.

When will my card receive funds?

On the 1st and 15th of each month.

When will I receive my ISI Rewards pre-paid Mastercard?

Approximately 7-10 days after the close of your first payout you are qualified to receive.

How long do I have to claim my rewards?

You have 60 days to claim and then they are no longer valid.

Do I need to activate my card before using it for purchases?

Yes, when you receive your card, follow the directions appearing on the activation sticker and follow the prompts to activate your account by web or phone.

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